Peter Callander

Multi Award Winning Songwriter Producer

Avenues And Alleyways
(Tony Christie)
The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde
(Georgie Fame)
I Did What I Did For Maria
(Tony Christie)
Give Me Time
(Dusty Springfield)
Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
(Wayne Newton)
Billy Don't Be A Hero
(Paper Lace - UK
Bo Donaldson -USA)

Hitchin' A Ride
(Vanity Fare)

Suddenly You Love Me

The Night Chicago Died
(Paper Lace)

Peter Callander

At the BMI Awards dinner on October 9th 2012 Peter received an award for 3 million performances in America of his song "Hitching A Ride". (Picture Gallery)

Had dinner with Neil Sedaka who wrote "Amarillo", which Peter produced with Tony Christie, and the record has twice been a multi-million seller.

Neil and Peter


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New Cuts and News...

Finland's top Hip Hop artist Pyhimys has recorded a Hip Hop version of Tom Jone's "To Make A Big Man Cry" written by Peter with Les Reed. The Finnish title is "Saat Miehen Kyyneliin". Pyhimys has his own television show and a tour booked for Finland and Sweden this year. Saat Miehen Kyyneliin

"Don't Answer Me" is in the new Cilla Musical now touring and destined for the West End.

A great new cut from Nashville favourites the Chas Tyler Band -
“If You Come Any Closer"
If You Come Any Closer

Peter has two songs on Cilla Black's recent hit no. 1 album "THE VERY BEST OF CILLA" - “Fool Am I" and "Don't Answer Me". "Don't Answer Me" also featured in the TV series of Cilla's life story.

Diane Shaw has released the first single “Leave A Little Love” from her northern soul Album. The Album called LOVE, LIFE AND STRINGS went to no. 1 for 2 weeks in the UK Soul Chart.

Czech singer Yvette Simonová has cut "Turn On The Sun" which was a huge European hit for Nana Mouskouri.

Tony Christie has cut "I Can't Lie To Me Anymore". Just released in Germany.

Ivana Bagova has cut "What Are They Gonna Do" for release in the Czech Republic.